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Harry McDowall

Owner/Head Trainer


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C Yourself FIT

New Gym

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C Yourself FIT 4/16-18 Tennyson St. Williamstown

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1. Fat Loss

2. Rehab & Recovery

3. Functional Training

4. Back and Spine issues

5. Exercise for Diabetes and Osteoporosis

6. Strength & Conditioning


If you are viewing this site on a tablet or smartphone you may not see the menu. If you would like more information please contact me at,

Mobile: 0431 144 158
email: harry@irsu.com.au

Why I became a personal trainer

  1. I wanted to train movie stars and celebrities.

  2. I wanted to become famous.

  3. I wanted to be on TV

  4. I wanted somebody to create a 12 week transformation program, put my name on it so I could get payed overtime somebody purchased it.

  5. I wanted to be on the A-list and be invited EVERYWHERE!

Nah, no of that (but I would be OK if it did happen).

At 58 I had a hip replacement. Several years before the surgery I was in considerable pain. Was on Endone, Oxycontin and other morphine based pain killers. I was on this crap for over 3 years. Just prior to the surgery I was on the max dose allowed. I think it was something like 160mg twice a day. 

I had the surgery November 2009.

After the surgery I woke in ICU. Was in ICU for 2 days. Abnormal heart rhythms. The whole time in some serious pain. When I was moved to recovery they had me on a morphine drip and because I had taken oxycontin for so long prior to the surgery the pain killing properties only lasted a short while. I was in hospital for 14 days and after coming off the morphine drip I was given oxycontin to help with the pain but only allowed 30mg a day. This was only a fraction of what I was taking so as you can imagine I was in constant pain. I also suffered severe withdrawal symptoms for nearly a month over christmas when I was “coming off” the oxycontin. That was the worst period of my life. 

A follow up visit to my surgeon reassured me that the operation was a success but he was a little concerned my other hip was showing signs of damage. He said I needed to lose some weight and strengthen the muscle around the hip.

I vowed then and there I would never go through that sort of pain and discomfort again. I started my lifestyle transformation. I  hit the gym and stopped hitting the junk food. 

Thought out my site, if you decide to read my story and blogs you will know my journey was not always easy. A number of amazing things happened..

  1. Lost over 45kg

  2. Started doing things I hadn’t done since I was in my 30s.

  3. Stopped wearing eye glasses. Yep my eye sight improved (still wear them for reading but not for everyday).

  4. Started remembering my students names (I still teach in a secondary college).

  5. I started enjoying life all over again.

  6. Became a personal trainer.

One other thing of note. I have worked at several, gyms. Big corporate gyms, small gyms and those in between. The thing I always hated was the immature, childish and hurtful behaviour of some gym goers to the older of overweight members who came in to train. I know from first hand how much the sniggers and laughing hurt. I was fat and I am still old. 

I now am working out of a gym that will not tolerate that kind of behaviour. The owner (and my friend) Amanda was also very overweight when she started turing her life around. If ever you felt set conscious about going to a gym please give us a try. You will always feel safe and accepted at C Yourself FIT.

I have read most people who become personal trainers do so because they feel passionately about being active, fit, and healthy, and want to teach others what they know. Yes that is true for me as well. However I also became a personal trainer to show people how there lives can be better. Most of my clients want to be healthy and live a vital life. I think I deliver.

All photos on this site are of me, my clients or the gyms I wave worked.